Supporting People With Disabilities To Lead Independent Lives In Their Community

History of ROOC Inc.

R.O.O.C. was originally formed in 1969 by community members as a sheltered workshop for adults with disabilities. In 1970, we became a non-profit corporation under the governance of C.O.O.R. ISD. In 1978, we moved to our present location on top of Pioneer Hill in Roscommon. In 1981, R.O.O.C., Inc. partnered with North Central Community Mental Health (now called Northern Lakes Community Mental Health) to expand our work operations and include day programming services. Since then, our agency has grown to provide a wide range of programs and services to persons with disabilities including Community Integration, Community Employment Services, Organizational Employment Services, Employee Development Services, Employment Skills Training Services, and Respite & Community Living Support Services.

Our Principles

  • To provide a range of services that will lead to integrated, community-based employment.
  • To provide “person-centered” services to help each individual reach their full potential.
  • To help people access a variety of non-work opportunities in the community.
To ensure all individuals with disabilities receive comprehensive services to maximize independence.  
*Individuality *Choice *Respect *Participation *Competence *Social Inclusion *Meaningful Employment *Positive Image of Disability *Positive Business Reputation *Excellence in Personnel
  • Persons Served
  • Quality of Service
  • Safety & Security

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