R.O.O.C., Inc.

Supporting people with disabilities to lead integrated and independent lives in their communities.

What does R.O.O.C., Inc. offer

to businesses?


Worksite analysis: ROOC’s certified employment training specialists can come into your business and conduct a comprehensive worksite analysis.
    • Advantages: This will help you recognize strengths, patterns, trends and issues related to the individuals who work for you. It can also help you to identify the essential functions of a job – a critical element in developing job descriptions. This service is available at no cost to employers.
    • Cost: This service is free to employers within our service area.

Sub-contract work: ROOC can work with your business to identify opportunities for subcontract work.
    • Advantages: Subcontracting work can result in higher productivity for your existing employees and overall cost savings for your business.
    • Cost: Depends on the type of work. Individual bids available.

Employee placement services: 
ROOC can match a motivated, skilled employee to a specific job opening with a business.
    • Advantages: Employers who work with our Supported Employment Program have:
      • An immediate pool of available workers
      • A federal tax credit for employers of individuals with disabilities
      • A dependable, motivated workforce who is loyal and has excellent attendance and punctuality records
      • Experienced, professional job coaches (at no extra cost) to train, supervise, and provide support services for the employee at your place of business. The job coach is there to guarantee the job gets done accurately and on time.
      • Long-term support to assure employee success and employer satisfaction
      • An opportunity to enhance your image as a community leader by hiring persons with disabilities
      • “Employer of Record” services available during the training phase of placement.
    • Cost: Wages costs are the same as any employee you hire. Extra support services are free
Disability awareness training:  Sometimes employees do not understand how to work with and interact with customers and other employees who have disabilities. This can accidentally result in an alienated customer. In our current economy, we all know that every customer matters.
  • Advantages: Your employees will feel comfortable interacting with people with disabilities, assuring that customers and co-workers have a positive experience at your business.
  • Cost:  This service is free to employers within our service area. 

Manufactured products: 
At ROOC, we produce a number of products including safety vests, cleaning cloths, and other custom sewn items.
  • Advantages:  High quality products are available from a local source. Not only do you support a local business, but your shipping costs are reduced as well.
  • Cost: Varies based on product purchased. Please call for a price quote.


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