R.O.O.C., Inc.

Supporting people with disabilities to lead integrated and independent lives in their communities.



If you are interested in receiving services at R.O.O.C., Inc., you will need a funding source for those services. Depending on the service you would like, typical sources of funding include community mental health, Michigan Rehabilitation Services, schools and insurance companies. Some people do not have a funding source and they pay for services on their own. We can assist you in finding a source of funding if needed.

Once a funding source has been identified, a tour will be scheduled. You can see the programs and meet the people you will be working with. After that tour has been provided, an admission packet is completed. The appropriate forms (by service) are listed below. Once the packet is completed and returned, a start date will be scheduled.

ROOC does not currently have a waiting list for services and most admissions are scheduled within a few days of receiving the completed intake packet.



Please select the appropriate intake form

In addition to the intake form, please complete each of the forms below.